Season is over, but we’re not packing up

It’s common knowledge that Palm Beach becomes quiet once the snow birds fly back north. Many local real estate professionals take this as their queue to stop actively marketing, many of them will often even go on vacation.

Jack Elkins lives in Manalapan and his marketing team is in Boca, which means that they’ll be available and continue strategically marketing throughout the rest of year. Developing a strategy for the entire year is key to successfully closing on luxury properties for several reasons, including:

  • With the internet, potential homebuyers can make a purchase decision any time of year regardless of where they are.
  • Even if the potential buyer is not ready at the moment to make a purchase, by continuing digital marketing throughout the year it keeps the home they are interested in at top of mind. Even if they do not make the move until next season, we have nurtured them the entire time.
  • Search Engine Optimization builds up over time, thus realtors that don’t work on their site throughout the summer will have less impactful results when the season starts up again.

Of course, it’s true that the snow birds aren’t here during the summer and printed ads or direct mail pieces to the Palm Beach homes might produce little results, which is why we strategically adjust, with the help of our marketing firm, how we continue to market during the summer.

If you want to list your waterfront Palm Beach property, but haven’t because you feel that you have missed the season, don’t worry about it, we have you covered. If you would like to learn more about the unique initiatives we take to market luxury homes, let us know and we’ll send your our listing presentation with more details!