August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock makes sense

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys? Or even worse, forgetting or losing your house keys? Almost everyone has experienced this at some point in time, which is why the August Smart Lock is a must for your home. This new system provides you with the convenience of secure keyless entry using your smartphone.

Constructed with a multitude of safety and security features, the Smart Lock allows a user to completely dictate who can open his door and when. For example, 24/7 access to a home can be given to a family member or roommate, while a code that only works during specific hours of the week can be selected for a cleaning person or babysitter. This versatility removes the need for copying physical keys that often seem to get lost. Key codes can be issued to guests in just seconds, and a comprehensive log history will allow the owner to see who has entered his home and when.

Furthermore, the Smart Lock is designed to function at all times, even if the home loses power or WiFi. The four AA batteries inside the device will also automatically notify the user when they are running low and need to be replaced. Its Auto-Unlock system will unlock the door when your phone is in proximity, while the device’s EverLock feature will lock the door behind you every time. The Smart Lock mounts on the interior of your door and it takes just ten minutes to install. In the case that the phone gets lost or stolen, you can remove access authorization at

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