Rain 3.0, the luxury pillow for better sleep

The average person spends approximately one-third of his life sleeping, therefore your pillow shouldn’t be something you skimp on. Thankfully, Bedgear Performance Bedding has crafted a customized, luxury performance pillow dubbed the Rain 3.0.

Owners of the Rain 3.0 will be able to customize their pillows based on a questionnaire which asks for specifics such as: body type, height, dress or jacket size, sleep position, whether they have any allergies, what type and size mattress they have, whether they sleep with their arm under the pillow, and so forth. This allows Bedgear to create a personalized pillow that is specifically contoured for optimal sleep each and every night.

Features of the Rain 3.0

The 6.0 Ver-Tex Climate Control Fabric deflects heat in order to keep you cool all through the night. Also, the pillow’s patented React Conforming Suspension utilizes a structured crown to alleviate pressure points and conform to your body’s unique shape. Both of the above features result in increased recovery and rejuvenation when compared to other luxury pillows.

The Rain 3.0 is offered only in a personal size, which spans 20 inches by 26 inches. Due to the unique blend of silk-feel microfibers and other inner materials, this performance pillow is noticeably heavier than a standard pillow and should only be spot cleaned when needed. The quality of the Rain 3.0 is unmatched, and crafted to produce optimal sleep results.

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