The Nest thermostat offers a warm welcome every time

Say goodbye to your old thermostat, and say hello to the future of temperature control. That’s right, we’re talking about the Nest thermostat system. Working concurrently with many luxury home products -such as the August lock system– the Nest truly ensures that you receive a warm, energy-saving welcome each time you step into a room.

The 3rd generation Nest thermostat system is sleek, environmentally friendly, and wallet-conscious. The Nest learns your schedule, and then alters your home’s temperature based on your personal preferences. If you end up leaving early for work one day, for instance, the Nest will adapt to your sudden change in schedule. One independent study revealed that the Nest would likely pay for itself after just two years of use, and saved an estimated 10 to 12% on a home’s heating bill and 15% on its cooling bill.

Features of the Nest thermostat system

Not only does the Nest save money because it learns how and when to save energy, but it’s stylish and customizable as well. The device lights up automatically when you enter the room, depicting a large, sleek display that shows the room’s current temperature. The display can also be set to either analog or digital form, based on your personal aesthetic preference. In terms of functionality, the thermostat is able to be set and altered directly from your mobile device, meaning that you can set the temperature so that it’s exactly to your liking as you walk in the door. Your mobile device will also allow you to track statistics, revealing precisely how much money you’ve saved each and every month.

The Nest thermostat can also be used with other components to increase energy efficiency. Jack uses it in his home with Big Ass Fans’ Haiku®, the world’s first smart fan. The fan learns preferred temperature levels and adjusts accordingly. Haiku® communicates with the Nest Thermostat, which will atomically switch the fan into winter or summer mode with the seasons, resulting in year-round savings of 25-30 percent.

Safety features are no stranger to the Nest either. Your phone will receive a danger alert in the case that a drastic change in temperature occurs, such as bursting pipes, furnace issues, or more. Peace of mind truly is standard when you have a Nest.

Taking just a half an hour to install, the Nest is easily able to be set up in virtually any household. Be sure to check out the Nest thermostat, along with all of the other home devices that are fully compatible with it, such as the remarkably smart August home locking system. Stay up to date with the Jack Elkins blog for more information about indispensable accessories for your slice of Palm Beach luxury real estate. If you’re interested in learning more about what a waterfront home in the very posh area of Palm Beach Island has to offer you, Jack Elkins would love to meet.