What 2016 has In-Store for South Florida’s Real Estate Market

south florida real estate market

If you’ve been hearing that the South Florida real estate market will face a slow year in 2016, you’ve been seriously misinformed. Rumors have been floating around, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, real estate insiders are forecasting a strong year for the market, continuing with the trend for 2015. […]

Feds Look to Put a Stop to Secret Sales in Miami

luxury real estate markets

The real estate market is no stranger to change, but this time it’s the federal government that’s shaking things up. The U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is looking to put a stop to money laundering in South Florida. Miami is widely known to be a problem area for money laundering and secret sales, causing the […]

The Strength of the South Florida Real Estate Market

The Palm Beach County real estate market continued its rebound in 2015. Overall, the United States experienced a drop in sales towards the end of 2015, but Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties continued to see growth. It may continue to stay a seller’s market in the near future, but there is still uncertainty as […]

Palm Beach County Saw Many Real Estate Projects Come To Life In 2015

The commercial real estate market in South Florida, and specifically in Palm Beach County, saw a major revitalization in 2015. Numerous projects that where put on hold due to the recession finally got underway, while others received their final approval. Florida is a magnet for investors and international sales. This type of real estate market […]

A new turntable for your vintage records

Music is essential for any getaway, and sure you could easily stream music from a myriad of devices to any crisp set of speakers, yet nothing compares to listening to your vintage vinyl records. Precisely for this reason, the makers of the Spiral Groove 1 turntable that came out in 2007, have built upon their […]

Jack is Equally Invested in Selling Each Property


What’s the value in working with a local, high-end real estate agent like Jack Elkins? That he has the resources and know-how to sell your Palm Beach property whether it is in the $2 or $50-million price range. Many people are unaware of the advantages Jack offers all his sellers, including those with properties in […]

After 80 years, Bugatti is heading back to the high seas

Two of the biggest names in their industries, are teaming up on a joint project that will produce a series of open carbon-fiber sport yachts, bearing the name Niniette. Bugatti, known for it’s luxury sports cars and Palmer Johnson, the world’s biggest yacht builder are launching this joint project under a license granted by Bugatti. […]

Millennials are redefining what luxury means


We all have heard that every generation creates its own revolution, but now more than ever industries must conform to the whims and expectations of the younger minds. Industries are forced to change their ways, and rethink marketing strategies as these more sophisticated and savvy consumers begin to shape the world we live in. Every […]

Visit Worth Avenue While You’re in Town

worth avenue

Whether it’s your first time visiting the Palm Beaches or your hundredth, you must take a stroll through Worth Avenue. Located near the ocean, Worth Avenue is just as glitzy as the name implies, surrounded by many renown luxury stores, unique shops, and timeless architectural beauty. If you find yourself with free time on your […]

The Cavallino Classic 2016

Cavallino Classic

Car enthusiasts from across the globe will be found at the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic January 20 through January 24, 2016. This event, celebrating its 25th anniversary, showcases some of the world’s most sought-after automobiles. The event is hosted by The Breakers and is chock-full of themed entertaining and informational activities, all included with the […]