$265 million JFK TWA Flight Center Hotel project set to break ground

JFK TWA Flight Center Hotel project

The TWA Flight Center at New York City’s JFK airport was revered for its influence on the design of many other airport terminals across the globe. After remaining largely unused in the wake of 9/11 due to enhanced safety procedures, the terminal’s site is now set to become the home of a new, world-class airport […]

Jack Elkins’ summer sales exceed $26 million

Waterfront Palm Beach Island Real Estate

As snowbirds flock north and the Florida heat sets in, many real estate agents sit back and relax while they wait for the busy season to arrive in the fall. Jack Elkins is the exception. This summer, Jack generated over $26 million in total sales in the Palm Beaches. As Jack puts it himself, “I […]

Choosing a backsplash to complement your stainless-steel countertop

stainless steel countertops

Opting for a stainless-steel countertop will give your kitchen a sleek, modern feel that is often absent with other, more popular countertop styles. When fitting your kitchen, it is vital that you explore the diversity of backsplash options available to complement your new stainless-steel countertop. The type of backsplash you choose will largely be dictated […]

Industrial contemporary renovations that add value to your luxury home

Adding Value to Luxury Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your luxury home for the highest value, or enhance your living space for personal long-term use, keeping up with the latest renovations is a near necessity. One of the latest architectural trends is industrial chic. Stemming from log cabins and modern, open spaces, this style is found not only in […]

Apple and Hermès join forces in the form of a new Apple Watch

While the latest buzz around Apple surrounded the recent release of the iPhone 6S, there was another riveting announcement that flew under the radar of many. Apple and Hermès confirmed the release of an exclusive Hermès Apple watch collection, one made up of lavish wearables that are sure to draw the envy of all your […]

The new Ferrari 488 Spider epitomizes innovation and performance

Ferrari automobiles have been a staple in the luxury auto industry since 1947, yet their newest creation, the 488 Spider, possesses more revolutionary features than any of its predecessors. From its weightless retractable hard top, to power that dwarfs that of the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, the new Ferrari 488 Spider will surely impress supercar enthusiasts […]

Rain 3.0, the luxury pillow for better sleep

The average person spends approximately one-third of his life sleeping, therefore your pillow shouldn’t be something you skimp on. Thankfully, Bedgear Performance Bedding has crafted a customized, luxury performance pillow dubbed the Rain 3.0. Owners of the Rain 3.0 will be able to customize their pillows based on a questionnaire which asks for specifics such […]

South Florida’s economic growth fueled by real estate sector

Real Estate Investment

South Florida’s economy is growing, and the stability which eluded the area over the previous decade looks to have returned in full form. In 2014, the Sunshine State’s southeast economy outpaced the national metropolitan average for the third consecutive year, and has expanded steadily since the end of the national recession in 2009. According to […]

August Smart Lock makes sense

August Smart Lock

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys? Or even worse, forgetting or losing your house keys? Almost everyone has experienced this at some point in time, which is why the August Smart Lock is a must for your home. This new system provides you with the convenience of secure keyless entry using your smartphone. […]

Stock market fluctuation may slow down South Florida real estate market

south florida real estate and the stock market

The recent fluctuation of the stock market, which many analysts predict will continue for months, has made investors nervous all across the country. Thanks to the prevalence of investment properties and second home purchases, this volatility may lead to a slower housing market in South Florida, an area that has certainly been on the fast […]