Treehouse meets tent. Introducing the Cocoon Tree.

Cocoon Tree

Have you ever dreamed of nesting in the trees? Sure, a hammock will get you close, but close is rarely good enough. Once you experience the Cocoon Tree, you’ll never go back to your old hammock. Specifics of the Cocoon Tree The Cocoon Tree is a suspension sphere that will hang in the gallows of […]

Introducing the new Mercedes-AMG Cigarette Boat

The American Cigarette Racing Team and foreign car manufacturer Mercedes-AMG have joined forces in the form of a super-powered watercraft. We are as surprised as you are! Though the match for these two companies is a little out of left field, their partnership has been nothing but success thus far. One thing is for sure, […]

How to win the bidding war on your dream home, part II

Win the Bidding War

The only problem with finding your dream home is that it’s likely someone else’s dream home as well. A recent study released by real estate broker Redfin shows that approximately three out of every five homes fetch multiple offers. Redfin also found that many of those homes were sold at a price tag greater than […]

How to complement the wood countertop in your kitchen


You’ve decided on a wood countertop, great choice! Wood is a go-to for European kitchen construction, but is less prevalent in modern American homes today. While wood’s natural beauty adds warmth to the most frequented room in your home, it’s more difficult to pair with today’s kitchen appliances. Adding a backsplash will provide the visual […]

Have Americans finally regained trust in real estate as a form of investment?

Real Estate Investment

Real estate is finally making it’s comeback on the investment map, with hopes that last decade’s housing bubble will remain in the rearview. In a recent study from, 27 percent of investors said real estate was the best investment for funds they would not need for at least 10 years. Real estate was not […]

How can you get into the new ultra-exclusive Hawaiian development Kohanaiki?

Hawaii is attracting the world’s elite, and it’s doing it with more than just soft sand and blue water. A new development called Kohanaiki is springing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, and many are clamoring at the chance to get in. This new resort community is becoming a highly desired landing spot for […]

Changes in the real estate market are coming

changes in the real estate market

As the number of millennials entering the real estate market increases, the industry is set to see many changes and a higher level of uncertainty than in years past. Retiring baby boomers will make way for these millennials looking to buy homes, which when combined with the constantly fluctuating economy, will have a profound impact […]

Typos can prevent you from receiving a mortgage

mortgage rates

Most people do not double-check the information on their mortgage applications. We live a fast-paced life, which sometimes prevents us from paying close attention to minor details. However, typos can affect the outcome of  your mortgage application and even your ability to gain credit. Here are some common errors we often see when reviewing applications. Name […]

Rise in mortgage rates predicts surge from home buyers

rise in mortgage rates

Mortgage rates continue on the upswing. Last week, 30-year mortgage rates topped 4 percent for the first time since 2014, reaching almost 4.2 percent, and they likely won’t stop there. Washington, D.C.-based Mortgage Banks Association predicts that we’ll see rates in the ballpark of 4.5 percent by the end of 2015 and even higher as […]