The story is in the details

85 Curlew

Many of the homes we list are beautiful and have their own unique story to tell. In the case of the home on 85 Curlew Road, the owner invested a lot of himself while renovating the home, thus now that the home is complete it offers an unparalleled personality. One of the key custom features […]

Millennials ready to dive into real estate market

millennials ready to dive into real estate

As real estate experts we keep a close eye on the market, the trends, who’s coming in and who’s selling. Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1990, are a group that have not been participating heavily in real estate over the past few years. The main reason they have not participated, they turned the typical […]

Coffee or Espresso? Have both.

Limiting yourself to just one coffee machine is difficult. Most coffee aficionado’s enjoy both drip coffee and espresso, and there is a time for each. However, having both machines can take up a lot of space which isn’t always an option, such as when you’re spending an evening on the yacht. With the new illy […]

Virtual reality may be the next frontier for listings

virtual listings

I walk into Casa Brisas Marina and close my eyes. The experience this home offers is unparalleled to that of any other. I’m surrounded by unobstructed views of the ocean through the 30-foot-high, floor-to-ceiling windows. I imagine gazing upon continuous ocean and sky first thing when I wakeup, completely unaware of anything else. There is […]

Don’t judge Palm Beach luxury homes listings at first glance

Don’t judge Palm Beach luxury homes listings at first glance

American standards of living have changed drastically in the past decade. Homes fulfill more than just the basic functions. Family structures have changed, as have the way they live and use the home. What hasn’t really evolved is the way we refer to rooms in the home. This makes it challenging when we create listings […]

85 Curlew steals the show!

85 Curlew

We held an open house on Thursday, February 27th, for a few select homes from the Jack Elkins Collection. There was one home in particular that generated a lot of interest, that is the home on 85 Curlew in Manalapan, priced at $6,295,000. The home and location are both exquisite, if you haven’t seen it […]

Palm Beach listings are selling quickly!

Palm Beach Listings Going Quickly

Being a real estate expert in the Palm Beach area, I get to experience firsthand the high demand for the luxury homes in this area. From $1.5 million to upwards of $10 million, the homes in the Palm Beach area rarely stay on the market for more than 30 days. Our most recent listing, which […]

Come tour five spectacular waterfront homes

come tour 5 waterfront homes

On Thursday, February 26 (1pm-3pm), Jack Elkins will host an Open House for homebuyers searching for estates on the intracoastal waterway. With a range of prices and a variety of features, these five homes are ideal for the most sophisticated buyers. It is not often that these extraordinary homes are available to tour without a […]

Home prices appear to be on the rise

home prices appear to be on the rise

A slight drop in home inventory is a key indication to economists that home prices may soon rise again. After 16 consecutive months of rising homes available for sale in the U.S., December experienced a drop in a month-to-month comparison to November. Something to keep in mind when examining the Florida real estate sales trajectory […]

Collaboration with interior designer, Meridith Baer


The Jack Elkins team recognizes that there is more to selling a home than pointing out the features to a potential buyer. Each home has a story of its own. In order to show the personality of the home, we need to work with a team that brings it to life. That is why we […]