What 2016 has In-Store for South Florida’s Real Estate Market

south florida real estate market

If you’ve been hearing that the South Florida real estate market will face a slow year in 2016, you’ve been seriously misinformed. Rumors have been floating around, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, real estate insiders are forecasting a strong year for the market, continuing with the trend for 2015. […]

Feds Look to Put a Stop to Secret Sales in Miami

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The real estate market is no stranger to change, but this time it’s the federal government that’s shaking things up. The U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is looking to put a stop to money laundering in South Florida. Miami is widely known to be a problem area for money laundering and secret sales, causing the […]

The Strength of the South Florida Real Estate Market

The Palm Beach County real estate market continued its rebound in 2015. Overall, the United States experienced a drop in sales towards the end of 2015, but Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties continued to see growth. It may continue to stay a seller’s market in the near future, but there is still uncertainty as […]

Florida Is a Lucrative Market for Foreign Luxury Buyers

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Florida is known for being one of the top states receiving interest from foreign buyers due to its advantageous geographical location and unmatched climatic characteristics. Approximately 21 percent of U.S. sales in Florida can be attributed to foreign buyers, post-recession. One of the most sought after areas in the state is Palm Beach. Initially, some […]

The Palm Beach local market shows increase in year-over-year study

south florida real estate market

The entire South Florida market has shown promise in its rebound from the housing collapse of last decade, and Palm Beach County has once again proven to be on the upswing based on recent statistics. The Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches (which is the 6th largest local association in the country and represents over […]

Florida home prices to rise upwards of 5% in the next year

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As home prices across the nation are projected to rise by over 3 percent in the next 12 months, the state of Florida is expected to demonstrate an even greater increase. According to the August 2015 Realtors® Confidence Index Survey, Florida properties are set to rise between 5 and 6 percent over the next calendar […]

Florida’s rebounding housing market ranks highest in the nation

Luxury waterfront homes in Florida

The state of Florida has seen tremendous growth since the financial crisis of 2008, most notably in the real estate housing section of its economy. The Sunshine State, which has since outpaced the other 49 sectors, continues to rebound faster than many had anticipated. The positive economic markers indicate that now is the prime time […]

South Florida’s economic growth fueled by real estate sector

Real Estate Investment

South Florida’s economy is growing, and the stability which eluded the area over the previous decade looks to have returned in full form. In 2014, the Sunshine State’s southeast economy outpaced the national metropolitan average for the third consecutive year, and has expanded steadily since the end of the national recession in 2009. According to […]

How to win the bidding war on your dream home, part II

Win the Bidding War

The only problem with finding your dream home is that it’s likely someone else’s dream home as well. A recent study released by real estate broker Redfin shows that approximately three out of every five homes fetch multiple offers. Redfin also found that many of those homes were sold at a price tag greater than […]