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During your time at your Palm Beach real estate, you deserve to make the most of your seasons. Whether you’re a summer vacationer or a year-round resident, there are quite a few entertaining, luxury events for you to enjoy. To try something new this year, check out these six exciting activities in Palm Beach.

Car shows

Luxury car shows are some of the top high-profile events in any season in Palm Beach. With gorgeous, sleek machines on display, you can enjoy Supercar Week in early January. At this event, Florida beaches showcase some of the most super-powered cars in the business. If you’ve recently bought homes for sale in Palm Beach County, put this on your calendar.
For car lovers of all ages (vintage cars to the newest Tesla), don’t miss out on June’s BloodDrag in West Palm Beach. Here, you can enjoy historic car models, the speediest racers, and more.
If you don’t want to wait for yearly events, you’re in luck! Palm Beach is just car-crazy enough to have even more showcases. One example is the monthly car show in Palm Beach called Cars and Coffee, where car enthusiasts gather to see thousands of show vehicles and enjoy hot beverages.


Photo courtesy of Sun Sentinel, Lake Worth Beach Street Painting Festival
Whether you love the sophistication of art or just enjoy the creativity of it all, Palm Beach has you covered. Palm Beach real estate owners have a few art events to enjoy year-round. This includes the likes of the Palm Beach Show (February), ArtiGras (February), and the Delray Affair (April).
The level of sophistication you should expect depends on the specific show. For example, the Palm Beach Show is high luxe. Meanwhile, the Lake Worth Beach Street Painting Festival is a bastion of free creativity, and anyone can join in on the beauty of Florida art.
Find the newest centerpiece art for your living room from an up-and-coming master artist, or create your own beauty to take home and display.


Those who own luxury homes for sale in Palm Beach County deserve to relax in luxury, too. In Palm Beach, the entire month of October is for rest and relaxation. The Palm Beaches tourism organizers that run the month-long event call it Spatober. The purpose is to highlight a wide range of wellness activities for locals and tourists to experience all month long, from discounted yoga to half-off healthy treats.
If you own a wellness business, you can also call the organizers to participate in this exciting Palm Beach event. It just might help your business break into the luxury market. That's one great way to capitalize on your Palm Beach real estate!

By the beach

Regarding Palm Beach holidays, few things are better than Lagoonfest and the Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade. Together, these are highlights of the Palm Beach fall and winter seasons. If you’ve recently bought one of the beautiful homes for sale in Palm Beach County, you can and should attend some of these classic Florida events.
Let’s start with Lagoonfest. During early November, you can enjoy all of the local best. The event includes exhibitor booths, boat tours, live bird release, local food and beers of luxury artisan quality, and just a taste of local flair. As an urban estuary, this lagoon lets you enjoy the beauties of Florida wildlife right alongside the beachside community. During the other parts of the year, the Lake Worth Lagoon is still a fantastic place to enjoy watersports. Here, residents can often be found kayaking, boating, fishing, diving, and more.
Photo Courtesy of Palm Beach Illustrated
At the Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade, you can enjoy the winter lights traditions on the water. Most winter light shows are snowy accents to glittering downtown areas, but Palm Beach's coast gives a unique opportunity. Here, locals can combine winter wonder and the water itself. For 20 years, this parade has supported local charities, like Toys for Tots. Be sure to check out the sparkling boats and support your community.


Palm Beach foodies are in for a real treat during the Palm Beach Food and Wine Fest and Palm Beach Restaurant Month. Both events allow visitors to experience the most delectable food in the region, from mom and pop diners to Michelin star meals. The Palm Beach Food and Wine Fest is held at the local Four Seasons and has included food legends like Robert Irvine, Elizabeth Falkner, and more. Meanwhile, the Palm Beaches Restaurant Month lasts the whole month of August and consists of the same type of impressive spread. Experience a taste of sophistication and luxury all month after you've moved into homes for sale in Palm Beach County.


No matter what luxury community you’re a part of, golfing is one of the most common and popular ways to have fun. As a Palm Beach real estate owner, you can enjoy the nearby Boca Raton annual event: the TimberTech Championship. Not only is this premier golf, but this championship is also a PGA Tours Champions tournament. Whether you’re a newbie who loves watching the sport or a small-time expert, don’t miss out on this incredible golf experience.
If polo and equestrian sports are more your style, head to Wellington. From January to April, horse enthusiasts and sports fans can enjoy the various events at The International Polo Club Palm Beach. From tournaments to leisurely fun, this is a fantastic time to learn polo and see experts compete. Whether you've recently moved to homes for sale in Palm Beach County or are a long-time resident, head to Wellington for some fast-paced fun.
Do you want to live near all these fantastic local events? If so, reach out to the trusted Palm Beach realtors with Jack Elkins to explore exclusive Palm Beach houses for sale! The Jack Elkins team promises unrivaled concierge service to buyers looking for the best real estate experience. Jack is available now via email and phone.


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