trends for luxury homes

Luxury home trends for 2015

Palm Beach is a hub for luxury homes. As a luxury real estate agent I assist sellers with preparing their homes by giving them recommendations that will make their property more appealing to buyers. In order to select trends that will transcend time it is imperative that you study how the amenities will improve the overall quality of life for the buyer. Improved quality of life is something that never goes out of style.

Smart Homes: Newer homes are outfitted with the latest technology allowing the homeowner to have control over many aspects of the home through their smartphone. Some of the electronics included, are lighting, security, air conditioning, television and stereo systems. Gone are the days where you had to excuse yourself while entertaining guests, to change the music. Additionally, many luxury homes will begin to feature keyless home entry, where biometric technology will use fingerprints to unlock the front door.

Technology Powering Stations: The more heavily we rely on electronics such as smartphones and tablets, the more necessary it becomes to have easily accessible areas throughout the home to power up the portable devices. These nooks or stations are commonly found by high-traffic areas, such as the main entrance.

Outdoor Living Spaces: This is a trend that can be seen throughout the country, but it’s prevalent in South Florida due to our renown, year-round climate. Outdoor living spaces can be described as covered outdoor lounge areas, often equipped with a full outdoor kitchen and a fire pit. For our waterfront homes, this is an absolute must in a home.

Spa-inspired Master Baths: Custom showers and whirlpools are becoming increasingly common in luxury homes. It turns an everyday experience into a highlight of the day. People are always looking for ways to make their homes more relaxing, by having the master bath emulate a spa, they will never want to leave. Some of the trends included in this are larger baths, separate his and hers showers, marble and other luxury finishes throughout, and warming drawers.

Multiple Suites: A spare bedroom is no longer the space where homeowners want their guests to stay when they visit. Instead, they’re looking for homes with an extra master suite with its own private bath and plenty of space for added comfort.