Jack Elkins: Revolutionizing Real Estate Sales

Palm Beach, FL- Jack Elkins a leader in Palm Beach real estate is changing the way in which real estate sales are done. As a second-generation real estate agent in Palm Beach, he has seen it all, allowing him to break away from the traditional manner in which real estate agents list and market properties. This isn’t the first time that Jack Elkins paves the way for other real estate agents, and it certainly won’t be the last.

“Focusing on service and selling a lifestyle, instead of a listing, is how I always run my business. This is not new to me,” says Jack Elkins, real estate agent for Fite Shavell. “Anyone can sell a listing, the service that I provide focuses on the lifestyle. I help them live the Palm Beach lifestyle they desire.” Jack Elkins isn’t just looking to sell Palm Beach Real estate, he is also looking to assist clients with everything from luxury yacht and auto sales, to finding the best restaurants and activities in Palm Beach. He actually remains a trusted advisor of many of his clients long after the real estate transaction has been completed.

He isn’t only breaking traditions when it comes to the services he provides, but has also managed to diversify himself through his upscale marketing. Jack Elkins understands what an essential component high-end design and marketing are to his caliber of clientele, therefore he has taken the right steps to incorporate this. Hiring a professional marketing agency to promote him as a brand is something completely new to real estate.

“The real estate industry is crawling with bad design and amateur marketing. My clients can’t relate to that kind of marketing and it doesn’t do justice to my clients’ listings. Thus, I hired a professional marketing agency to rebrand Jack Elkins, but most importantly, to market the homes of my clients,” says Jack Elkins of Fite Shavell. “My clients are now guaranteed professional and effective marketing campaigns. This is a tremendous benefit that very few other agents can offer.”

“Studying the market closely, we knew it was only a matter of time before traditional real estate marketing would change, but it would take the right person with the foresight to know that it could be done better,” says Laura Ure, CEO of Keenability. “We are excited to be working with Jack Elkins towards revolutionizing the industry.”

For several decades, real estate agents have believed themselves to be marketers, but with the ever-changing marketing landscape, it is difficult for most people to keep up with this rapid and unprecedented evolution. In order to be competitive, real estate agents must work with a professional advertising agency and learn to brand themselves, instead of focusing solely or too heavily on listings. It is only a matter of time before other canny agents follow suit.