The secret to selling your luxury home

The fact is that there are many properties competing for a buyer, particularly in the Palm Beach area. Many homes offer a spectacular view, so this alone cannot be used as the selling point for the home. As the listing agent, it’s imperative that we understand the target buyer very well and that we leverage every asset your home offers.

The method of doing this is something that we’ve learned through experience and by living the lifestyle ourselves. The secret is nothing more than giving the buyer something that resonates with them. Of course, our team has several ways of doing this, including some of the following:

Great photography: Photography is an art, not a science. We use photographers that enhance the life of the property and bring it forward in their pictures. Taking photography that is a level above the rest is one way that we increase the visibility of your home and gain more interest among potential buyers from print ads, social media and digital ads. After all, the first step to selling the home is attracting the right buyer.

Staging: We use professional home stagers who have a proven track record and deliver results. This is helpful for enhancing the home in preparation for photography and during the home tour. We hire interior designers who can match the style of your home.

Elevated customer service: The customer experience we provide is unparalleled by any other real estate team in the area. When our clients or prospective buyers need us, we’re available. Not just to show the home, but also to answer questions about the area and to help a new buyer live the lifestyle. For this reason, we have clients that continue to use us for future transactions. Our list of prospects is ever growing.

Focused marketing: By focusing on luxury waterfront properties, we are able to leverage our ads and skills. When people are covering too many areas or types of properties, they’re advertising and marketing is divided into different targets, thus making it more difficult to reach any particular group. We don’t have that problem.

Ultimately there isn’t any real secret to selling a luxury waterfront home, it’s just about having an experienced team that has insider knowledge of the target buyer. If you want to learn about the tools that the Jack Elkins team will use to sell your property, let us know and we’ll provide you with a thorough listing presentation.