how do we leverage homes for international buyers?

How do we leverage international buyers for luxury Palm Beach homes?

South Florida is the hub for international buyers, and this trend is the current talk of the town. For us Floridians, it’s great that international buyers are interested in buying properties in the tri-county area.

Even though foreign buyers are not eligible for the homestead tax exemption, they do have a couple advantages that entice them to buy in this area. The primary reason being that Florida doesn’t have a state tax. Of course, there’s also the gorgeous climate and scenery that only South Florida homes offer.

As a real estate professional in the Palm Beach area, it is my responsibility to ensure that the sellers we represent are given every advantage possible to reach the international buyers that are investing is South Florida. Reaching them requires much more planning than placing an ad in the local newspaper, since there isn’t any way for them to be exposed to the home this way.

Of course, we always including our listings in the most popular property search sites, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Palm Beach Post. However, we want to be more proactive than that, we want to reach out to the potential buyers.

We take control by leading them to, where we can analyze their behavior on the website and then retarget them with our custom ads as they continue to use the internet. It’s a bit on the technical side, so we allow the marketing firm to handle the details, but the takeaway is that we actively attract and pursue qualified leads for our sellers, all year long.

We also use other target methods of reaching out to potential buyers in combination with the methods described above, such as rich emails and content marketing. Basically, we leverage all the marketing technology available to ensure that our homes attract qualified potential buyers for luxury homes in the Palm Beaches.

Have any additional questions about how we leverage online marketing to attract, reach, and convert potential buyers? Let’s setup an appoint to talk!