we stick to a niche and this is why

We stick to a niche, and this is why

If you take a look through our website or follow us on social media, you’ll see that our listings mostly have a similar feature: they each have a direct waterfront view. There’s a good reason for this, it’s to narrow down the different buyers we need to reach. Ultimately, focusing our efforts allows us to serve our home sellers better.

As a professional real estate team, our goal is to attract the right buyer for the seller, and to make the buying process efficient for the buyer.

The seller is trusting our team to sell the home quickly, if all the buyers that find us are searching for a waterfront home in the Palm Beaches, then we already eliminated a large percentage of unqualified buyers. This saves time and resources, all around.

Selling a specific type of home makes it possible for Jack Elkins to remain an expert in the homes he’s selling. If 90 percent of the properties he sells are within a specific geographic area and have similar features, when he’s doing research for one property, the information learned applies to all his properties. It’s impossible to be on top of every type of property, even if you limit yourself to a specific area, but if you specialize in a specific type of property, such as waterfront Hypoluxo Island homes over $2 million, well, that narrows it down significantly.

Then, of course, there’s serving the buyer. The buyer that comes to us already has a good idea of the homes we are listing, meaning that it is more likely that at least one of our listed properties will be highly appealing to him or her. We want to facilitate the buying process as much as possible. A happy client is not only a repeat client, but also a referral source, and maintaining relationships with past clients after the transaction is completed, is extremely important to our team.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a waterfront home in the Palm Beach area, including Hypoluxo Island, Manalapan and Manalapan Point, let’s schedule a time to meet.