good listing photography

Why I invest in good listing photography

Every real estate agent claims to use professional photography. While they may have a trusted photographer that they go to for photoshoots, the concept of good photography is still quite subjective. Thus, working with an agent that has an eye for good photography and design is essential to selling your home quicker and closer to asking price.

First, let’s talk stats:

The stats tell us that there is a direct correlation between good photography and the amount made from the sale. However, the stats don’t quite make it clear why good photography works. From a marketing perspective, it’s because higher quality photography evokes emotion, and emotion is what appeals most to affluent buyers during a purchasing decision.

The additional benefit of using good photography for our listings is that we’re able to use them to produce compelling ads such as the one below:

Why I Invest In Good Listing Photography

Having strong ads, benefits both the specific listing in the ad and all of our other listings because it entices a potential buyer to contact me or visit my website. If the property used in the ad isn’t the right one for the particular buyer, I always have a few more properties in my collection that could be the perfect fit.

If you’re trying to sell your home, let’s talk.