How can you get into the new ultra-exclusive Hawaiian development Kohanaiki?

Hawaii is attracting the world’s elite, and it’s doing it with more than just soft sand and blue water. A new development called Kohanaiki is springing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, and many are clamoring at the chance to get in. This new resort community is becoming a highly desired landing spot for many celebrities. The location boasts 450 acres of luxury, intertwined with the historic shore where it’s set. Currently, many business moguls and athletes are already building homes, while some well-known politicians have been taking tours of potential land plots as well.

The striking elegance of the development is its initial draw, as the area is home to the beauty of golf greens, sacred ponds, lava rocks, palm trees, and more. Now you’re inevitably wondering, what does it take for me to get in?

The admission process at Kohanaiki

Almost half of the properties in Kohanaiki are sold and the 700 remaining properties range from $3 million to $25 million. This ultra exclusive development has a very thorough vetting process for appointing new members. Those who are admitted must have stellar professional reputations and be in superb standing within their organizations and memberships.

What makes Kohanaiki so breathtaking?

While there’s no disputing Kohanaiki’s beauty, those that toured the land were sometimes left wondering, “what makes it so breathtaking?” The answer is: Not any single or particular element, but the way it all works together. Kohanaiki exudes beauty across the entire area it encompasses.

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