Cocoon Tree

Treehouse meets tent. Introducing the Cocoon Tree.

Have you ever dreamed of nesting in the trees? Sure, a hammock will get you close, but close is rarely good enough. Once you experience the Cocoon Tree, you’ll never go back to your old hammock.

Specifics of the Cocoon Tree

The Cocoon Tree is a suspension sphere that will hang in the gallows of whichever forest you choose. The treehouse-meets-tent can fit two adults and two children comfortably within its walls, but when empty, it does not weigh more than 130 pounds. The structure comes fully stocked with a high-quality mattress and a custom-tailored duvet cover which is waterproof. The Cocoon Tree also employs strategically-fitted mosquito screens to keep the bugs away, as well as a ventilation system suitable for all temperatures. Air conditioning units or heating systems can also be fitted for added comfort. Furthermore, you can custom design your own Cocoon Tree and make it one of a kind. Visit the Cocoon Tree website for more information.

Is it easy to install?

While you can assemble a Cocoon Tree yourself, there is a team of trained seafarers and climbers just waiting to help. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be confident that your structure is safe and secure. It is, however, recommended that the knots of vertical links are checked weekly, and those of the entire setup inspected monthly. Though the Cocoon Tree is considered a temporary structure in most countries, you’ll want to check with the local government before setting up your forest palace.

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