aether's cone

Aether’s Cone wireless speaker knows more about your music preferences than you do

Dubbed “the thinking music player,” Aether’s Cone will make you forget about every one of its beat producing predecessors. No longer are the days of scrolling through your limited catalog of tracks and choosing, only to hear the next melody and immediately return to hand-pick another.

Alternatively, the Cone gets to know you, and picks tunes using the time of day, its location, and more. Deriving its shape from a megaphone, Aether’s device is available in either black and copper, or white and silver. Debuting at $399, the Cone’s library stretches beyond any device of its kind. You’ll enjoy free access to Rdio’s library of over 30 million songs, more than 25,000 podcast choices via Stitcher, and thousands of internet radio stations that are just waiting to be explored.

Using the Cone

Utilizing unique and modern technology, the Cone has no screen. To hear a different song that’s similar to the last, simply touch the cone and move your hand a slight distance around the outside. For a drastic change in genre, move your hand a greater distance. If you know what song or artist you’re searching for, all you have to do is press the Cone’s center key and verbalize your selection.

From the moment your device exits the packaging, it will start picking up your habits and learning your tastes to try to satisfy your every mood. If you like to listen to melodic tunes while cooking in the kitchen, your device will sense its current location and play accordingly. Learn more about the Aether Cone, and stay updated on other high-end items and all things Palm Beach luxury real estate by regularly checking back with the Jack Elkins team.