Downtown Dubai

Bulgari announces new Dubai hotel coming in 2017

Bulgari, famous for its high-end Italian jewelry, has announced plans for its newest venture in the luxury hospitality sector, a 1.7-million-square-foot highly exclusive resort in Dubai’s Jumeirah Bay. By 2017, Bulgari will have operating hotels in Milan, Bali, Shanghai, Dubai, and London.

The breathtaking Bulgari hotel will be finished in 2017, and will be designed by the prestigious Italian architectural firm, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. The design will pair Middle Eastern architecture with many rare and precious materials, components that have become a staple of Bulgari resort architecture thus far. Other specifics include a massive marina, one hundred rooms and suites, twenty residential villas, lush landscaped gardens, and more. The new resort, perched on a cliff, aims to represent the quintessence of the over-the-top luxury Dubai is known for.

Other than the specifics described above, Bulgari and its development partners have been relatively tight lipped about the resort thus far. However, they have produced some renderings of the probable design, along with aerial views that give the most demanding jet-setters something to look forward to. The Bulgari website explains the new resort’s design as “sculpted in the shape of a titanic seahorse,” a statement which the beautiful aerial renderings certainly confirm.

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