own your own private island

Customize your very own private island

Purchasing your own private island almost anywhere in the world is nothing new, but Amillarah Private Islands will build you a custom island that also doubles as an artificial reef. Your floating island will be designed by renowned Dutch architect and Amillarah co-founder, Koen Olthuis. Olthuis, named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people in 2007, says that the islands are 100 percent self-sufficient, and also offer marine life new habitats underneath each floating land mass.

What is the life expectancy of a floating island?

According to Amillarah, and its affiliate Christie’s International Real Estate, the islands are built to last for a minimum of 100 years. The companies have also teamed up with the Ocean Futures Society, in order to extensively research artificial reefs and sea life habitats.

What are island owners able to customize?

Owners of these man-made islands will have virtually complete control over many aspects of their new oasis. They will have the freedom to determine the island’s size, shape, aesthetic style, and more. Perhaps the most intriguing fact is that an Amillarah private islands can be placed virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you want to live off the coast of South Florida, or Greece, Amillarah will likely accommodate your wishes. Prices for these islands are not fixed, and will vary depending on the customizations you choose.

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