The new Ferrari 488 Spider epitomizes innovation and performance

Ferrari automobiles have been a staple in the luxury auto industry since 1947, yet their newest creation, the 488 Spider, possesses more revolutionary features than any of its predecessors. From its weightless retractable hard top, to power that dwarfs that of the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, the new Ferrari 488 Spider will surely impress supercar enthusiasts all across the globe.

Under the hood

A calculated throttle response of just 0.8 seconds allows the 488 to go 0-62mph in three seconds flat, and 0-124 in just 8.7. Powering this velocity is a 3.9 liter turbocharged V8, which Ferrari claims is constructed with a focus on maximum efficiency. The vehicle’s intake ports are shaped to optimize airflow, while the engine itself is equipped with an ion-sensing system to measure air currents and properly control the timing of the ignition.

The fastest retracting hardtop on the market

The latest Spider model has set out to denounce the preconceived limits of retractable hardtops, and has proven to have done just that. The hardtop in the 488 retracts and unfolds in just 14 seconds, which is a full three seconds faster than the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. In terms of occupying space, the top takes up only 3.5 cubic feet, nearly half the space needed to store a conventional hardtop. The simple folding method and aluminum materials used for the retractable hardtop make Ferrari’s new version over 85 pounds lighter than other tops on the market. The total curb weight for the vehicle has been reported as a minute 3,362 pounds.

Additionally, safety connoisseurs will be excited to hear that Ferrari has equipped the 488 Spider with a brand new Brembo braking system, which will shorten the car’s stopping distance by an estimated 9 percent.

Having recently debuted their new supercar at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Ferrari has stated that they plan to make the 488 Spider available in early 2016. Currently, the estimation is that the price will fall somewhere in the area of $270,000.

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