Apple and Hermès join forces in the form of a new Apple Watch

While the latest buzz around Apple surrounded the recent release of the iPhone 6S, there was another riveting announcement that flew under the radar of many. Apple and Hermès confirmed the release of an exclusive Hermès Apple watch collection, one made up of lavish wearables that are sure to draw the envy of all your friends.

Apple’s new luxury partnership with the renowned French manufacturer will bring together two of the most recognizable brands in the world. Established in 1837, Hermès specializes in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods, and more.

What will the Hermès Apple watch look like?

The new Hermès Apple watch collection will be available in three band styles and various colors, and will also feature an entirely custom watch face reinterpreted by Apple designers. The strap styles include a single wrap, double wrap, and an equestrian style cuff band. In terms of the watch face, both the 38mm and 42mm sizes are available on the single wrap style, which comes in both the brown and black color schemes. The Double Tour comes in strictly the 38mm size, and is available in four colors including brown, red, black and blue. The cuff style features the 44mm face, and is only produced with a brown band. Set for an October release in both Apple and Hermès retail stores. This sui generis timepiece will be priced between $1,100 and $1,500.

Apple describes their Hermès partnership as one based on “parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard.” If the Hermès Apple watch collection achieves the success that Apple hopes, this won’t be the last collaboration between these two iconic brands.

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