Adding Value to Luxury Home

Industrial contemporary renovations that add value to your luxury home

Whether you’re looking to sell your luxury home for the highest value, or enhance your living space for personal long-term use, keeping up with the latest renovations is a near necessity. One of the latest architectural trends is industrial chic. Stemming from log cabins and modern, open spaces, this style is found not only in the Midwest, but also in city homes both across the country and abroad. Utilizing this popular and desirable style in your South Florida renovation will certainly create a unique, modern look, and also better position your home for an impending sale. Below are a few ways that you can easily implement the aesthetics of modern-esque log cabins into your current coastal home.

Natural materials, neutral colors

One common component of contemporary industrial architecture is the natural materials it employs throughout both indoor and outdoor areas. Materials such as stone, glass, wood, or rock can give your home a welcoming look and feel, and also increase the perception of the size of your space when paired with the appropriate complementary neutral colors.


Integrated indoor/outdoor spaces 

Just as neutral colors will increase the perceived size of an area, so will mixed spaces that utilize both indoor and outdoor sections. Instead of separating your fire pit, grilling area, or patio dining, consider renovating an area that combines the homely feel of indoor living with the benefits of feeling free and unrestricted outside. This is seen in many South Florida restaurants that use sliding glass walls to remove the barrier between their indoor and outdoor seating spaces, and the same will work flawlessly for your home.


Industrial materials throughout


Unlike your typical, home decor store items, industrial accessories can exude a laid back yet modern feel. Partially finished furniture such as wooden tables and shelves are common for this style, as are fully visible ceiling structures such as wooden beams and steel piping. The open ceiling look will allow your home to feel immensely more spacious as well.

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