stainless steel countertops

Choosing a backsplash to complement your stainless-steel countertop

Opting for a stainless-steel countertop will give your kitchen a sleek, modern feel that is often absent with other, more popular countertop styles. When fitting your kitchen, it is vital that you explore the diversity of backsplash options available to complement your new stainless-steel countertop. The type of backsplash you choose will largely be dictated by the style of your kitchen and your personal preference. Below are some backsplash styles that will pair exceptionally with your new stainless steel countertop.

White Subway Tile

White kitchens often appear far more spacious than they actually are. In the proper environment, pairing stainless steel with a white subway-tile backsplash can harmoniously blend vintage and contemporary . The white tile will likely pair best with white cabinets, while the stainless steel counter will work with appliances of the same appearance. In the second example pictured below, the subway tile backsplash is present fully from countertop to ceiling. This will further accentuate the vintage feel of your kitchen, as well as optimize its spacial perception.


Subway 1  Subway 2


Matching Stainless Steel

 Fitting your kitchen with a matching stainless-steel countertop can create a seamless look throughout your entire cooking space. The first example below depicts this pairing in a more traditional kitchen, while the second photo shows how the matching stainless steel backsplash can work effortlessly in a contemporary style as well. No matter your style of kitchen, it is vital that your backsplash and countertop selections complement not only each other, but the cabinets, the accessories, and other fixtures.


Steel 1       Subway 2


Colorful Glass Tile

If you consider yourself more of an adventurous person, pairing your sleek stainless steel countertop with a colorful glass tile backsplash can make your kitchen really pop. Since your new steel countertop is industrial in nature, it will likely pair well with a glass or ceramic. Choosing a color is up to you, but you’ll want to take the time to carefully select appliances and other accouterments that work well with your color of choice.


Color 1


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