luxury homes in Palm Beach

Spend the Holidays in the Perfect Home

Conjured visions of the holidays include being surrounded by those we love, the smell of delicious food, and in Florida, the perfect cool temperature. In the properties that Jack Elkins have listed, you won’t find snow or cold winds that can be felt at the core of your bones, but breathtaking waterfront views and pleasant sea breezes for the whole family.

This winter, instead inviting family and friends to make their way through snow storms, offer them a vacation view. Sleeping in a cozy room with a view of the beach or Intracoastal is sure to make everyone just a bit more merry. This particular room, in the property located at 1920 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan, Fla., even comes with a fireplace, but the family has the option to also gather by the fire place in the formal living room or at the exterior loggia, all three fireplaces are wood and gas. 

1920 S Ocean BLVD

When the festivities begin, the family is sure to congregate in the heart of the home. This kitchen is a chef’s dream! It is equipped with top-tier stainless steel appliances with plenty of countertop space. What a perfect place for building memories of baking and decorating cookies with the entire family! 

1920 S Ocean Blvd

It would be remiss of us not to mention the best part of the day: watching the sunset from your patio. In Manalapan, the moment when the skies turn to hues of sorbet orange, pinks and purples, as the sun retreats behind the distant horizon is a spell casting experience. Sharing this magical moment with your family rivals any gift that can fit in a wrapped box. 

1920 S Ocean Blvd

If you are interested in touring luxury homes in Palm Beach to the spend the holidays, Jack Elkins will gladly show you options around Manalapan and the Palm Beaches. Jack has properties that are available to rent or to purchase, ranging from $1.5 to over $15 million.