worth avenue

Visit Worth Avenue While You’re in Town

Whether it’s your first time visiting the Palm Beaches or your hundredth, you must take a stroll through Worth Avenue. Located near the ocean, Worth Avenue is just as glitzy as the name implies, surrounded by many renown luxury stores, unique shops, and timeless architectural beauty.

If you find yourself with free time on your hands or simply want to take in the tropical South Florida climate, Worth Avenue has several delectable restaurants to choose from for alfresco dining. After which, you can peruse the local stores at your leisure, and perhaps even do a little holiday shopping.

Jack’s Recommended Stores:

Neiman Marcus



Salvatore Ferragamo


Island Company


Brooks Brothers

Ralph Lauren

Moss and Hoffman 



History of Worth Avenue:

Aside from having plenty to do, Worth Avenue is of profound historical value to South Florida. Once home to Addison Mizner, he became the prominent architect to develop this area and forever changed the landscape of this Palm Beach town.

What is now Worth Avenue, was once a dirt path called “Jungle Road,” where they only residents you would find were alligator wrestlers. One of Mizner’s first moves was to change the name, borrowing some inspiration from the nearby Lake Worth waterway, and ridding the area of these wrestlers.

Then, Mizner began working on his vision of a unique shopping district with a distinct architecture. He drew inspiration from Moorish and Arabic design while including sidewalks covered under classical wooden arcades. Of course, given the year-long favorable climate, this vision couldn’t be complete without gardens, fountains, and outdoor art, such as sculptures. Worth Avenue is more than an outdoor shopping center; it’s living art.

Mizner certainly enjoyed his paradise, as he built the only private residence on Worth Avenue, named “Mizner Villa,” and was often found looking at his creation with his cherished monkey, Johnnie Brown. Upon Johnnie’s passing in the late 1920s, Mizner had a small tombstone placed just outside the villa in his memory.

Worth Avenue is acclaimed for its history and charm, but to many it’s a part of everyday life in the Palm Beaches. If you’re interested in learning more about the Palm Beach lifestyle, Jack Elkins can help. He’s not only a reputable source for luxury properties in Palm Beach, but he is from the area and is familiar with the island’s ins and outs. Contact Jack to learn more about Palm Beach Island’s latest listings and events.