After 80 years, Bugatti is heading back to the high seas

Two of the biggest names in their industries, are teaming up on a joint project that will produce a series of open carbon-fiber sport yachts, bearing the name Niniette. Bugatti, known for it’s luxury sports cars and Palmer Johnson, the world’s biggest yacht builder are launching this joint project under a license granted by Bugatti. The two renowned companies will join forces to build a series of sport yachts that will mesh style and performance. The sport yachts will be available in three models, ranging in size from 42ft to 88ft. “This very special project brings together two brands with more than 100 years of experience in high-end hand crafting in their respective fields,” explained Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Management of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S..

Bugatti is no stranger to the boating world. In the 1930’s, company founder and visionary Ettore Bugatti developed several racing boats and yachts. The name Niniette, is also very close to Ettore, as it was the pet name he gave his daughter Lidia. Now with the help of Palmer Johnson, Ettor’s passion for sport yachts has been revived and is sure to incapsulate his motto “Art, Forme, Technique”.

Bugatti’s influence is evident throughout the yachts design, as the concept incorporates a two-tone color scheme and an accentuated waist line, which creates a perfect balance between elegance and sportiness. The hull of the yacht is based on Palmer Johnson’s SuperSport series, which is comprised of a mono-hull with two sponsons, that provide incredible stability at high speeds and also when the yacht is anchored. The top speed of the carbon-fiber sports yacht is 38 knots or about 70 km/h.

The highlight of the new series is the central model, which goes by the name PJ63 Niniette. It measures a length of 63 meters, a beam of 20.3ft, a 63 m2 salon on deck, a 43 m2 salon deck below, accommodations for up to 4 guests and a crew cabin. Like most things Bugatti, the company can tailor the interior to meet a customers specific needs or requirements. The PJ63 Niniette has a base price of about €3.25 million.

Complimenting the larger PJ63 is the PJ42 Niniette, which has a length of 42ft and a starting price of about €2 Million. Reported production for all three models is said to be around 12 months.