A new turntable for your vintage records

Music is essential for any getaway, and sure you could easily stream music from a myriad of devices to any crisp set of speakers, yet nothing compares to listening to your vintage vinyl records. Precisely for this reason, the makers of the Spiral Groove 1 turntable that came out in 2007, have built upon their original design to further reduce noise and increase sound quality.

Experiencing your beloved LPs with the clarity of modern technology is practically priceless, but the new turntable will only set you back $30,000. If you purchased the original SG1, there’s no need to fret, The Berkeley, California company will gladly upgrade your device for just $6,000.

How was the original design improved?

First, they redesigned the platter, making it 20 pounds heavier. In fact, the entire unit was made heavier to decrease overall vibration caused by people walking around and by increased volume. Decreasing vibration is key for reducing noise on a device that relies on vibration to produce sound. By designing a turntable that is not affected by external vibration, the stylus’ vibrations will be limited to only playing back what is within the grooves of the record. And the result is nothing less than crystal clear music for your ears.

Another ingenious feature of the SG2 is the bayonet mount attachment of the tonearms to the body of the turntable. A push of a button lets you switch pre-balanced tonearms (each with a unique stylus), allowing you to seamlessly transition between different styles of music.

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