Palm Beach Luxury Homes

Building the Perfect Luxury Closet

The Jack Elkins team lives to turn dreams into reality, and just about everyone has dreamed of having a luxury closet in their home. Most of our homes come with impressive closet space, but these tips can help any homeowner create the closet of their dreams. With any luxury closet, the focus should be on three things: space, lighting, and interior design.

1. The more space, the better

When it comes to envisioning your luxury closet, the more space you have, the better. Nobody wants to spend time in a room that feels cramped, and that goes for closets, too. You want your closet to be open and inviting. If you already own a home for which space is a limitation, avoid clutter. Utilize the space you do have by lining your walls with shelving and rods. Not only does this open up the interior space, it also puts your wardrobe on full display.

2. Illuminate the space

Proper lighting is a must when decorating and creating special effects in any room in your home,  closets included. Have you ever been in a clothing store where there wasn’t enough light to determine the exact hue of an accessory you were trying to match to your outfit? Avoid that problem in your closet by incorporating light fixtures throughout the space. A large fixture in the center of your closet is both decorative and functional. Additionally, you should utilize lighting underneath shelving and along the walls to brighten up the area. Last but not least, stick with light neutrals (creme or even white) on your walls and cabinetry.

3. An eye for design

Design can make or break a luxury closet. When selecting furniture and decorations, look for items that are both useful and stylish. For instance, decorative mirrors are pleasing to the eye while allowing you to get a better view of your look. An island is another great go-to, as it provides plenty of storage while adding sophistication. Above all, make sure none of your decor is selected arbitrarily.

We’ve never been satisfied with merely selling beautiful homes. Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond to find you the home of your dreams. We’ll work tirelessly to match you with one of our Palm Beach luxury homes that has what you’re looking for, whether that be a jaw-dropping closet or your own private dock. Contact us today for a truly elevated real estate experience.