Dockwa: The Future of Boating

The boating industry is huge in the U.S., and Floridians know this better than anyone. Yet, in some ways the industry has lagged behind, technologically speaking. Boaters have yet to be able to book a slip quickly online, or even by phone. Fortunately, there’s a new app that is going to change all that.

The Boater’s Solution

Boaters looking for a hassle-free way to reserve a slip for an upcoming trip finally have an answer to their prayers, and that’s Dockwa. Dockwa is an app which allows users to request a slip or mooring at the marina of their choosing quickly and easily from their phone. With the app, CEO and co-founder, Mike Melillo, and his team have created what seems to be the perfect solution for a problem which boaters have long struggled with. Reserving a slip used to mean calling the marina a short time before you were scheduled to arrive, then waiting days to hear back. Often, this process took too long, resulting in cancelled trips far too often. Nobody wants to leave for a trip without knowing for sure that they have a place to dock their yacht. Thanks to Dockwa, the antiquated and tiresome method is a thing of the past.

How does Dockwa work?

In order to book a slip or mooring for an upcoming trip, all a Dockwa user has to do is select the desired marina and make his request. From there, the marina simply has to accept the reservation for payment to be processed. The traditional method of securing a slip usually involved up to 35 touch points throughout the reservation process. With Dockwa, that number is reduced to two. From marinas to boaters, all will benefit from the new expedited service.

If you’re like Palm Beach luxury realtor Jack Elkins, Dockwa is good news for you. When Jack isn’t providing his clients with an elevated real estate experiencehe prefers to be out on the water. In his opinion, an innovation like Dockwa is the perfect excuse to hit the open seas— so, get out there and enjoy!