The New Relationship Between Luxury & Technology

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If you’ve been paying attention to the luxury industry, you’ve probably noticed some overlap between luxury and technology. In some ways, it’s almost as if the two are becoming synonymous with one another. The relationship has proved to be mutually beneficial, and the bond between these industries is sure to grow even stronger as technology continues to advance.

A Growing Bond

Advancements in technology have introduced a new era of luxury items. Think apple and google the apple watch was one of the biggest luxury items this past year, and google’s self-driving cars have made waves in the luxury sector. Additionally, tech companies benefit from marketing products as luxury items, since many high-tech items carry hefty price tags. Leading companies in these sectors have even been known to swap talent, like when lvhm brought apple’s Ian rogers on board. Given the close bond the industries share, luxury companies are working to be as tech-savvy as possible. It can be expected that in the coming years, luxury leaders will continue to expand their digital practices.

Tech and Real Estate

The relationship between luxury and technology has also extended to real estate. For young affluent buyers, in particular, technology plays a major role in real estate. Not only do these buyers seek out properties that are equipped with the latest technology, but they also expect their agents to be tech-savvy as well. The incorporation of the latest technologies has become paramount for success in real estate.

Any Realtors® who want to jump on the technology wagon should start by having an easy-to-navigate website that incorporates visual elements. Additionally, they need to cultivate a social media presence. One way that luxury Realtors® can be sure they’re staying on top of the latest technological advances is by teaming up with a marketing agency that specializes in the real estate sector.

Nobody knows luxury like palm beach island real estate agent Jack Elkins. Jack understands the important role technology plays in luxury real estate and takes full advantage of the relationship between the two. If you’re looking to buy or sell luxury homes in palm beach, contact jack today.



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