Handling an Offer on Your Unlisted Home

A stranger shows up at the door and wants to buy your home, even though it’s not for sale. Sounds like a scene ripped out of a 90s sitcom? This sort of situation is a great plot line for stirring up drama on television, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in the real world. […]

What Features Are Buyers Looking For in a Home?

Palm Beach real estate agent

Have you ever wondered which aspects of a home are most sought after by buyers? If you’re preparing to sell your home, you probably have. The truth of the matter is it’s a combination of things, but that doesn’t mean certain features don’t help a home sell faster. According to a study done by realtor.com […]

Meeting Millennial Needs

luxury home in Palm Beach

Countless luxury brands are redefining themselves to meet the needs of millennial buyers. Then, why are many in the real estate sector worried about following suit? Panelists at Inman Connect New York 2016 expressed the importance of not just being aware of the shift in consumer behavior brought on by the next generation, but welcoming it.  […]

Jack is Equally Invested in Selling Each Property


What’s the value in working with a local, high-end real estate agent like Jack Elkins? That he has the resources and know-how to sell your Palm Beach property whether it is in the $2 or $50-million price range. Many people are unaware of the advantages Jack offers all his sellers, including those with properties in […]

Jack Elkins’ summer sales exceed $26 million

Waterfront Palm Beach Island Real Estate

As snowbirds flock north and the Florida heat sets in, many real estate agents sit back and relax while they wait for the busy season to arrive in the fall. Jack Elkins is the exception. This summer, Jack generated over $26 million in total sales in the Palm Beaches. As Jack puts it himself, “I […]

Jack Elkins is more than just your real estate agent

Spring Luncheon Benefits Center For Creative Education

When selecting a real estate professional to list and sell your home, you might find it difficult to choose one specific person. This is where intangibles offered by each agent become important. The process of selling a property takes a long time, thus being informed plays a critical role in putting the mind at ease […]

Why I invest in good listing photography

good listing photography

Every real estate agent claims to use professional photography. While they may have a trusted photographer that they go to for photoshoots, the concept of good photography is still quite subjective. Thus, working with an agent that has an eye for good photography and design is essential to selling your home quicker and closer to […]

Tech in real estate appeals to millennials

tech in real estate appeals to millennials

We’ve all known that it’s only a matter of time before the more tech-savvy generation becomes the majority of the real estate clientele. In about 12 years it is estimated that approximately 75 percent of real estate clients will be millennials. This is indicative of the fact that we need to improve our real estate […]

Service above all else: Jack’s promise to every client

The Jack Elkins promise is superb customer service, above all else. The reputation he has built is based around this concept. The real estate industry is ultimately all about service, from assisting the seller in prepping their home to increase its appeal or meeting a potential buyer at any time of day. The properties that […]

With online resources available, do I still need a real estate agent?

with online resources available do i still need a realtor

Nearly all research begins online (94%), including research on deciding to sell your home, listing price, and which real estate professional to market your home. With online tools, such as Zillow, available to anyone, it’s easy to see how someone might consider themselves to be an expert in selling their home. Zillow even has a […]