The New Relationship Between Luxury & Technology

Palm Beach Island real estate

If you’ve been paying attention to the luxury industry, you’ve probably noticed some overlap between luxury and technology. In some ways, it’s almost as if the two are becoming synonymous with one another. The relationship has proved to be mutually beneficial, and the bond between these industries is sure to grow even stronger as technology […]

Apple and Hermès join forces in the form of a new Apple Watch

While the latest buzz around Apple surrounded the recent release of the iPhone 6S, there was another riveting announcement that flew under the radar of many. Apple and Hermès confirmed the release of an exclusive Hermès Apple watch collection, one made up of lavish wearables that are sure to draw the envy of all your […]

Rain 3.0, the luxury pillow for better sleep

The average person spends approximately one-third of his life sleeping, therefore your pillow shouldn’t be something you skimp on. Thankfully, Bedgear Performance Bedding has crafted a customized, luxury performance pillow dubbed the Rain 3.0. Owners of the Rain 3.0 will be able to customize their pillows based on a questionnaire which asks for specifics such […]

The truth behind Zillow’s online appraisals


Zillow is a real estate data aggregator that provides many free tools to the public in an easy-to-use interface. It’s not surprising that many people begin the process of selling their home by using the Zestimate tool on Zillow’s website to get an approximation of what their home could sell for, based on collected data […]

Why I invest in good listing photography

good listing photography

Every real estate agent claims to use professional photography. While they may have a trusted photographer that they go to for photoshoots, the concept of good photography is still quite subjective. Thus, working with an agent that has an eye for good photography and design is essential to selling your home quicker and closer to […]

Tech in real estate appeals to millennials

tech in real estate appeals to millennials

We’ve all known that it’s only a matter of time before the more tech-savvy generation becomes the majority of the real estate clientele. In about 12 years it is estimated that approximately 75 percent of real estate clients will be millennials. This is indicative of the fact that we need to improve our real estate […]

With online resources available, do I still need a real estate agent?

with online resources available do i still need a realtor

Nearly all research begins online (94%), including research on deciding to sell your home, listing price, and which real estate professional to market your home. With online tools, such as Zillow, available to anyone, it’s easy to see how someone might consider themselves to be an expert in selling their home. Zillow even has a […]

Season is over, but we’re not packing up


It’s common knowledge that Palm Beach becomes quiet once the snow birds fly back north. Many local real estate professionals take this as their queue to stop actively marketing, many of them will often even go on vacation. Jack Elkins lives in Manalapan and his marketing team is in Boca, which means that they’ll be […]

Coffee or Espresso? Have both.

Limiting yourself to just one coffee machine is difficult. Most coffee aficionado’s enjoy both drip coffee and espresso, and there is a time for each. However, having both machines can take up a lot of space which isn’t always an option, such as when you’re spending an evening on the yacht. With the new illy […]

Virtual reality may be the next frontier for listings

virtual listings

I walk into Casa Brisas Marina and close my eyes. The experience this home offers is unparalleled to that of any other. I’m surrounded by unobstructed views of the ocean through the 30-foot-high, floor-to-ceiling windows. I imagine gazing upon continuous ocean and sky first thing when I wakeup, completely unaware of anything else. There is […]