Handling an Offer on Your Unlisted Home

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A stranger shows up at the door and wants to buy your home, even though it’s not for sale. Sound like a scene ripped out of a 90s sitcom? This sort of situation is a great plotline for stirring up drama on television, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in the real world. If someone approaches you with an offer for your unlisted home, it’s good to know what steps to take.

You Got an Offer. Now, What?

If you’re not looking to sell, the answer is simple: do nothing. Unlike in those sitcoms, an offer shouldn’t turn your life upside down if you’re not interested. It&rsquo's always a good idea to hear out the buyer, but sometimes listening is all you need to do. See what they’re offering, and if it doesn’t strike your interest, make it very clear to the prospective buyer that you do not wish to be bothered again.

What if I Am Interested?

If you've listened to the offer and have decided it’s worth considering, the first step you should take is enlisting a real estate agent to advise you throughout this process. Any agent who values customer service will be happy to lend their expertise to help you navigate the process. Once you've sought out an agent, they can work with you to screen the buyer, and potentially proceed with the sale. This will involve several steps.

  • Determining the authenticity of the hopeful buyer. Are they serious about the sale? Are they going to hold up their end of the deal? Allow your agent to do the probing.
  • Research. You and your agent will need to do some digging on the buyer(s). It&rsquo's important to know what made the buyers pick your home over those that are on the market, and what other homes if any, they’ve made offers on.
  • Showing the home. Enlisting the help of an agent is important when it comes to showing your home. Once you're sure the offer is legitimate, you’ll want to walk the buyer through your home. An agent’s expertise in this area will be helpful, especially if the home needs to be prepped.
  • Determining the sale is right for you. By far the most important step in this process is deciding if you want to go through with the sale of your home. Since your home wasn’t on the market, there’s a good chance selling was not in your immediate plans. However, if the offer and timing are right, it’s something you should strongly consider; such a profitable transaction might not come your way in a long time. It&rsquo's up to you to decide what’s best for you in this situation, but an agent can help guide you as you make this important decision.

If you’re approached by a buyer with an offer for your unlisted luxury home, or you’re simply looking to sell, contact a trusted real estate agent before proceeding. The Jack Elkins Team is made up of palm beach luxury real estate gurus, who you can count on to handle the process. Contact us today to get started.



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