What happens after Jack Elkins finds your home

Choosing an agent who will stay by your side long after the completed transaction is key in facilitating a smooth transition to a new area. If you’re purchasing a home in Manalapan, Hypoluxo Island, or the Palm Beach area for the first time, working with someone that can act as a guide for this transition will be invaluable.

Jack Elkins has lived in the area his entire life and is very active in the community. He acts as a resource for all his clients and they trust his judgment on personal endeavors, such as finding a good restaurant, opinions on gifts, cars, boating, staffing and discussing local schools.

Below are some of the areas in which he can assist, and what you can expect from anyone that he refers you to:

First and foremost, Jack aligns himself with other like-minded individuals who understand the importance of privacy. Having recently moved to this area, you may not know someone who you can trust for personal, legal, or medical matters, but Jack can certainly connect you to the right person.

Jack isn’t simply “selling a home,” he’s introducing someone new to his hometown. As such, he has a desire to be hospitable and assist with anything you need to settle into your new home and neighborhood. If this includes making updates to the property before moving in, he can suggest trusted contractors, builders and architects. Furthermore, he’d be happy to oversee any construction that needs to be completed while you’re away.

When selecting schools, pediatricians, nannies, or services for your family, you should also feel comfortable reaching out to Jack. Not only was he raised in Manalapan, but he has also made many associations through community involvement. Like Jack, residents of the island are a very close-knit group and are committed to keeping the integrity of their small town.

Working with Jack is much more than a transaction; it’s developing a friendship and an introduction to the area.