How to complement the wood countertop in your kitchen

You’ve decided on a wood countertop, great choice! Wood is a go-to for European kitchen construction, but is less prevalent in modern American homes today. While wood’s natural beauty adds warmth to the most frequented room in your home, it’s more difficult to pair with today’s kitchen appliances. Adding a backsplash will provide the visual effect needed to blend in the wood with other materials in your kitchen.

We have outlined a few great backsplash suggestions that will compliment the wood countertop in any of the beautiful luxury homes in Palm Beach.

Back-painted glass

When pairing with sleek, white cabinets, adding a splash of color can make your kitchen lively and exuberant. In modern, midcentury homes, wood countertops can be complemented by a dark-hued, back-painted glass backsplash. Playful colors enhance the modern, updated feel of the home.

Nickel, silver or gold

When appliances are abundant with stainless steel material, a nice backsplash in silvery or golden tones will add vitality and glamour. Another added bonus of using metallic colors is their reflective properties, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. The backsplash will project a modern feel into a more traditional home, and provides yet another option beyond the more common material choices such as limestone and wood lattice.

Calacatta marble

Pairing a slightly busy marble pattern with wood countertops can leave your kitchen with a highly desired mix of rustic appeal and elegance. Calacatta marble is known for its large vein patterns, and typically will pair well with many shades of wooden countertops.

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