Floating Villas

Floating villas may soon become a reality

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation experience, BMT’s floating villas certainly fit the bill. Though still awaiting funding before these unique vacation venues can be brought to fruition, BMT Asia Pacific has unveiled photographic renderings and specific features of the villas that showcase their amazing originality.

Conceived to give hotel developers a unique and readily available alternative to waterside accommodations, these floating luxury areas are unlike anything currently available on the market. Dubbed SeaScape, the pods are roughly 700 square feet and include all the typical amenities of a luxury hotel room. If need be, they can be connected to additional pods to create a larger complex if the whole family plans on joining the adventure.

Prominent with glass windows, the modules will allow for breathtaking unobstructed views of their surroundings. Perhaps the most marvelous feature of these buoyant villas  is the underwater bedroom that utilizes a 360 degree glass enclosure, which makes sleeping with marine life more possible than ever before.

Due to BMT’s past success with naval architecture and offshore engineering, the durability and quality of SeaScape materials will not be a concern for those looking to venture out in one of these floating suites. BMT has guaranteed that they will only use high quality materials, fabrication and finishes, in order to best ensure safety and the longevity of their pods.

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